Youth will not be meeting for the rest of the summer, as sports and other school activities keep us all busy enough. It has not yet been decided when we will start back up.

Please pray for our youth; they are the leaders of tomorrow.


Our goal is to have church services no matter what unless there are extraordinary circumstances.  We do not want anyone to risk their safety and there is no need for anyone to feel badly because they are not able to come.  We just want everyone to know that the doors of the church will be open for services all the time except when absolutely necessary not to have services.

If there is extreme weather conditions or extraordinary circumstances, the radio stations and TV stations will be notified before 7:00 AM on that day.  The stations to listen to and watch for this are:  KMMO, Fox 4, NBC, ABC, or CBS.  Also, it will be posted on our website or on our Facebook page.  Thank you.