Our Musical Story

The songs sung in church tell a lot about its body. Concordia Baptist Church is no different. One of the beautiful things about our congregation is that we are a hodge-podge group of people. Even more beautiful is that we work hard to make our music match that collection.

You will hear several types of songs during a worship service: psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs to be exact. We commit to doing hymns every week to keep us rooted to the tradition of the church – hymns rich with deep theology, but done with a contemporary twist. We commit to doing one Psalm per week to keep us rooted to the bigger story of God working in the world, that our roots may go down deep and God’s word may be planted in our soul with music. We commit to singing the newest spiritual songs to create space for freedom of worship and expression.

Theology of Worship

Worship is ascribing worth to God. We gather together on Sunday mornings to ascribe worth to God, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, the God of Israel, the God who chose to come to Earth in the form of a man, Jesus. Jesus, both fully God and fully man, chose, to enter into its sufferings and heap upon himself all of the evil which came into being at the rebellion of humanity and completing God’s plan to rejoin humanity with himself.

We worship because it is why we were created, but worship cannot be planned – it can only be a spontaneous response: a response to God’s beauty, a wild, free beauty which cannot be a form of a service, a beauty which encircles the world within His arms, a beauty which numbers the stars one by one, a beauty which restores relationships, a beauty which eats with outcasts, a beauty which washes feet, a beauty which turns the other cheek, a beauty which chooses to act in the world through rebellious human beings, a beauty who wipes slates clean, and a beauty which will win.

“Worship is nothing more nor less than love on its knees before the beloved” (NT Wright). Therefore, in our service, music is only a tool, a gentle, childlike hand helping us to kneel, a sudden surprise which takes our breath away and offers us God’s breath instead, or a warm blanket which wraps the people of God snugly together with the beauty of God seen through his Word and his Son. The presentation of beauty can be planned, the sound of beauty can be enriched through practice, and the atmosphere surrounding us can be enhanced, but, in order to worship, each person must respond by giving God all he’s worth.

In a sense, there is no such thing as corporate worship. Worship is an individual response to the beauty of God. But then again, when God’s beauty moves the person sitting next to you, or the person across the room, the saints of the one true God find a voice in a common language. The language of faith, hope, and love as spoken by God’s Holy Spirit. It is the only truly common “Tie that binds”.

Homegrown Worship

New music has sprung up from the regular, corporate worship with our body. Click below to listen to some homegrown worship songs. Some, we sing in church. Others, we don’t. But hopefully, like us Gentiles, they will be ingrafted into our worship when the time is right. If there is one you particularly like or want to do in church, leave a comment at the bottom of the page, or just contact Josh Payne. (Note about audio: the equipment we have is not optimal for recording. Instead of investing precious resources in recording equipment, we just use what we have. Usually, we simply use the audio from the church recording. Maybe later we will re-record the songs at a studio).

Involvement in Music

We would love it if you became involved in music, and there are actually many ways that you could be involved according to your talents and abilities. If you would like to know more, please e-mail Josh Payne. He would love to get you plugged in in one of the following areas, or one of your own design.

  • Tech crew: for our techie crowd, you would be doing things like running the sound board, stage set up, running the slide show.
  • Photographer: for people who like to take pictures, and would like to use some of your pictures as backgrounds for songs.
  • Instrumentalist: Play an instrument? Even an uncommon one like violin or trumpet?
  • Singer: Self-explanatory. You sing, right?
  • Music Advisory Board: for people who like to listen to music and have some input into the songs being sung on Sunday morning.

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