Men’s Ministry

Men’s Ministry

The men of Concordia Baptist Church are committed to serving both the members of our body, and community. It is our desire to offer a Christ-centered response to people’s needs, and to turn every opportunity we have to serve of sharing the faith, hope, and love that we have through Jesus Christ.

We also try to accomplish this by serving in teams. We believe each of us has been blessed with gifts, talents, and resources, and our goal is to encourage each other to pursue a place to serve using these blessings. We organize into service teams so that we can match community needs with our specific skills and resources. We try to mix and match these teams so that the men in our church can get to better know each other.


We meet at the church building on the second Saturday of every month, at 7am, to fellowship and discuss how and where we can serve. Like every good men’s fellowship, it is centered around food.

We have an on-going goal to create an atmosphere of trust, fellowship, and support for each other as we grow into servants who imitate Christ, our Lord.

Contact David Kesten at (816)-633-2412 or if you are interested in becoming part of a team, or other area of the men’s ministry.

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