Big Picture

Discipleship at Concordia Baptist Church is an integral part of our story. It is the avenue through which those desiring to grow in their faith and relationship with Jesus have the opportunity to share life with another individual. Discipleship offers people time and space to pour into each other and to dig deep into the Bible. As we see with Jesus, he didn’t send his disciples out into the world without preparation. He spent three years sharing his life with them. He knew the struggles. He knew the pain. He knew the cost. He knew his disciples were ready when finally ascended into heaven. Our discipleship focus is make kingdom-minded people who desire to go out and making new disciples just like Jesus did.

A Few Particulars

Our discipleship does not have much structure. But, this is by design. We don’t view discipleship as a program. Therefore, discipleship essentially functions in the background. Individuals meet when it’s convenient for them and meet as long as is necessary. Some folks will grow very quickly and be prepared to start discipling others much sooner than others. It is our desire that all those who are currently meeting for discipleship will eventually stop meeting together and find new people to disciple. Some people in our congregation meet in small groups for their discipleship. For some individuals this structure works best for them so it’s always an option to start a small group. All discipleship pairs and small groups are gender specific, meaning men meet with men and women meet with women.

If you have any questions or would like to be a part of discipleship, please contact Nathan St. Clair, email: nstclair1985@gmail.com and cell: (816) 565-1240.


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