Get Connected through Concordia Baptist Church!


Worship (Gathering)

We gather together weekly on the Lord’s Day, Sunday, at 10:30 a.m. to worship and teach corporately.


Love (Gospel Communities)

Our Gospel Communities’ purpose is to build loving relationships and advance God’s Kingdom together as Christians.

Currently there are six groups:

  • Sunday afternoon – Josh Payne
  • Sunday afternoon – Randy Reynolds
  • Thursday evening – John Cox
  • Thursday evening – Nathan St. Clair
  • Sunday evening – Dale Pollard
  • Wednesday evening – Atticus Dyer, meet in Warrensburg

If you are not currently in a group and would like to join a group, please contact one of the leaders or the church secretary.


Grow (Discipleship)

Christians are commanded in Scripture to go and make disciples (Matt. 28:18-20). As his disciples, we desire to be obedient by taking up our cross and following him. Discipleship at Concordia Baptist Church is open and available to anyone seeking to passionately follow Jesus. We have several men and women who would be willing to help you in that journey. For more information, please contact Nathan St. Clair.


Go (Walking, Driving, Flying)

We focus on three areas of missions: walking, driving and flying. Within walking distance, you could help pass out food at harvesters, get involved in adopting a local school, or work on clean up projects. In the driving category, we are sponsoring a church plant in Warrensburg, Mo. and would like to partner with new churches along the I-29 corridor. We also would like to send missionaries to places which the gospel hasn’t reached. If you are interested in participating in or giving to any of these ministries, please contact John Cox.